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How to configure and install XSLOVZ on your WHMCS

Hi there,

I decided to release XSLOVZ WHMCS module to the community. I used to host my OpenVZ clients using it.

First Part is installing your WHMCS module and installing your server ssh2 extension :
it's very simple just download XSLOVZ.php from github repository and put it under this directory of your WHMCS installation

Now from WHMCS admin (Setup -> Product/Services-> Servers) add your first server and configure it as per the below screenshots :

now create a new product from (Setup -> Product/Services) and go to Module Settings tab

The GUI part is done let's go to SSH part :
login to ssh hosting your WHMCS as root.
download and install php_ssh2 extension using this commands :

apt-get install -y libssh2-1-dev (on debian/ubuntu)
yum -y install libssh2-devel (on rhel/centos)
cd /usr/local/src
wget http://pecl.php.net/get/ssh2-0.12.tgz
tar -xf ssh2-0.12.tgz
cd ssh2-0.12
make && make install

edit php.ini and add

to verify you have working php with ssh2 library execute (php -i | grep ssh2) you should get :

Second Part: configuring OS Options and Bandwidth Notification template :
from (Setup -> Product/Services) Choose configurable options and create a new configurable option with below options :

then add new configurable option called (Operating System) in this form:

by default : OpenVZ template images are named in this form (centos-5-x86.tar.gz) so you have to use template name without tar.gz and the seperator (|) is to display a friendly name of os to your clients when they Order.

Email Templates :
from Setup -> Email Templates :

then edit the template and use something like this :

Dear {$client_name},

Please note that this is not a bill and this message was generated from an automated notification system.

An overage will result in a $0.10/GB surcharge. Overages represent the amount of bandwidth a VPS exceeded its allowed usage (allocation).

The following VPS has surpassed 85% of the monthly bandwidth allocation:
VPS hostname: ({$service_id}) {$service_domain} [{$service_dedicated_ip}]
Allowed Usage: {$bwlimit} GB
Current Usage: {$bandwidth} GB ({$bandwidth_percent})

Overusage Configuration :
Edit your VPS product and go to Other Tab and configure this as per your needs and prices :

OpenVZ Installation Notes can be found here
Security Concerns can be found here

Good Luck

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